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  1. 10 Steps to Install BizTalk Server 2009 !!
  2. Cannot create new BizTalk projects in Visual Studio 2008 – “Project Creation Failed”


  1. First Check in Deployment – For Beginners
  2. Using Post & Pre Deployment Scripts
  3. Useful Tip for (Developers) Deploying Multiple Projects to Admin Console
  4. Error: Could not load file or assembly ‘EnvDTE, Version=7.0.3300.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a’ or one of its dependencies. The located assembly’s manifest definition does not match the assembly reference
  5. Error: Unable to install the assembly into the Global Assembly Cache – BizTalk Deployment
  6. Could not write to output file ‘Something.dll’ — ‘The directory name is invalid. ‘ – BizTalk Deployment
  7. Re-Deployment Tip
  8. Walkthrough Using BizTalk Deployment Framework (BTDF) – 1  
  9. Walkthrough Using BizTalk Deployment Framework (BTDF) – 2  Using Environment Specific Binding Files  
  10. Walkthrough Using BizTalk Deployment Framework (BTDF) – 3  Deploying Virtual Directories  


  1. Auto Mapping feature in BizTalk Mapper
  2. External assembly not updated automatically with Scripting Functoids.
  3. Issue: Schema not found in BizTalk Type Picker of a BizTalk Map
  4. BizTalk Map Documentation.
  5. Cross Reference Functoids  Description and Example  in BizTalk Server
  6. Developing and Testing Maps which have Multiple Source and Destination Schemas
  7. Difference between Value & Id Cross referencing
  8. Condition based String Concatenation
  9. Useful Cheat Code in Mapping (Calling C# code from XSLT)
  10. Useful Cheat Code in Mapping (Storing a Repeating Record in an Array)
  11. Issue: Modifying Custom XSLT doesn’t work when deployed
  12. Hidden Feature of Index Functoid 
  13. Copy Node Name (Element Name) from Source Schema 
  14. BizTalk 2013 Issue: White space cannot be stripped from input documents that have already been loaded. Provide the input document as an XmlReader instead.


  1. How to Send & Receive Custom Headers from a WCF Service in Orchestration?
  2. How to modify a BizTalk Message using C# or External Dll ?
  3. Can we use Non-Serializable Classes or Types  in an Orchestration ?
  4. Debugging Orchestrations in Visual Studio 2009 using C# .cs file
  5. How to check if promoted property value exists before using it? (or) Using Exists Function in BizTalk.
  6. Issue: Unable to add parameters in Call Rules Shape
  7. Object reference not set to an instance of an object – BizTalk WCF Service Consuming Wizard
  8. Catching SOAP Faults from WCF Service in BizTalk Orchestration
  9. Using Parties and RoleLinks to dynamically route a message to a destination (BizTalk 2010)  
  10. In detail about Atomic Scope (Transactions) in BizTalk Server  


  1. Splitting XML Files using Envelope Schema
  2. Schema Versioning in BizTalk Server
  3. Difference between MessageContextPropertyBase and MessageDataPropertyBase
  4. Using PartContextPropertyBase in BizTalk Server
  5. Error “TOMTreeGenerator.GetElementAbsoluteType: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”.How to resolve this Error while performing UnitTesting for Schemas ?
  6. Group Max Occurs vs. Max Occurs / Group Min Occurs vs. Min Occurs
  7. How to Debatch (Split) a Flat File using Flat File Schema ? 


  1. Difference between publishing schema and publishing an orchestration as a WCF Service
  2. An alternative to SQL Receive Adapter
  3. Configuring/Using SFTP Adapter for BizTalk Server
  4. How to change the Output file name in BizTalk File Adapters?
  5. Polling Stored Procedures having Table valued Parameters 
  6. Calling Restful Service using Dynamic Send Ports – BizTalk 2013 


  1. How to validate incoming Messages for XML Structure and Data Type using existing XMLReceive Pipeline ?
  2. Supress / Nullify / Terminate a Message in a Pipeline Component


  1. No Views are displayed in BAM Portal !!!
  2. Tip: Installing / Adding Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Add-In to Microsoft Excel 
  3. How to Enable BAM Continuation between Receive & Send Ports using Tracking Profile Editor

Interesting Ones… Have a Look ….

  1. Using BizTalk Server Config File
  2. Reset BizTalk Server MsgBox Database – Useful for all Developers
  3. How to find the Number of Persistence points used in the application?
  4. Installing/Setting SFTP (SSH) Server on Windows Server 2008
  5. Walkthrough using BizTalk HL7 Accelerator, Schemas and MLLP Adapter
  6. How to Add a Custom Section to BTSNTSvc.exe.config (BizTalk Server Config File) ?
  7. How to get notified of BizTalk Errors ?
  8. Tip: Removing BAM Activity without Definition File.
  9. How to create multiple host instances on different servers?
  10. How to use Fiddler with BizTalk Adapters?
  11. Encrypting & decrypting configuration values
  12. Using MIME Encoder Pipeline component
  13. ETW (Event Tracing for Windows) Logging – Part 1
  14. ETW (Event Tracing for Windows) Logging – Part 2
  15. SSIS: Connecting to Oracle using Attunity Connector


  1. First Steps in Learning BizTalk Server 2009.
  2. Advantages on BizTalk Server

Common Errors & Solutions

  1. Project Reference Errors in BizTalk.
  2. Newly Created Host Instance is not visible in Send / Receive handlers
  3. Visual Studio 2008 – Could not connect to TFS – Resetting Visual Studio Environment
  4. Error: Add new BTAHL7 Projects, Object Reference not set to an instance of an Object
  5. Error: The database BizTalkRuleEngineDb associated with the deployment driver does not match the database specified during product configuration
  6. Weird Error invoking a Restful Service from BizTalk 2010 

BizTalk EDI

  1. All you need to know about Outbound EDI Batching – (BTS 2010 only)  

BizTalk ESB

  1. Calling Restful Services using Itinerary in BizTalk 2013
  2. Part 1: ESB ToolKit Itineraries
  3. Part 2: Itineraries with Two way Calls
  4. Part 3: Itineraries with Orchestrations
  5. Part 4: Adding new Adapters to ESB Itinerary

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