How to create multiple host instances on different servers?

We all know that a Host can have multiple instances created in different servers for load balancing.
But how do we actually create multiple instances?
I have Server A. Installed BizTalk & SQL Server. It is up and running.
When I see the BizTalk host instances, I have one In-Process & Isolated host instances created which are running in Server A.


If I want to create another instance of BizTalk Server Application on “Server B”, I go to Hosts -> Right click -> New Host Instance.
But I don’t see “Server B”



To see, Server B here, install BizTalk Server on Server B.
Go to BizTalk Server Configuration of Server B, check the box to use existing databases & give “Server A”s SQL Databases.



Click on Apply configuration and finish the process.


Now if you log into “Server A” -> Host -> BizTalk Server Application -> Right Click -> New Host Instance -> you will see “Server A” and “Server B”


The machines “Server A” and “Server B” have different BizTalk Servers installed but they both point to same message box.
By this way, even if one of the servers is down, the other host instance can still process the messages and helps balancing load.


– Shiv


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