Issue: Unable to add parameters in Call Rules Shape

Posted: November 23, 2010  |  Categories: Orchestrations Uncategorized

I created my first BRS Rule (using  XSD) in BizTalk Server Business Rules Composer and deployed it.

When I tried to call this rule from Call Rules shape of an Orchestration, it didn’t give my any option to add an input parameter to the Rules

After browsing for some time, I find that it happened because, the Document Type Property for the Schema in the Facts Explorer (shown above) is different from the Fully Qualified name of the Actual Schema in the BizTalk Project

So, I modified Document Type Property of the Schema in the Business Rules Composer to the Fully Qualified Name as in the BizTalk Server Project as shown below

Then the parameter is shown in the Call Rules Shape


The issue is that, in the beginning, Call Rules shape was not able to find any matching Message to the Schema which is deployed with the Rule.

Since I modified the schema in BRE with the Fully Qualified Name of the BizTalk solution, it found a matching message and displayed in the Call Rules Shape.

Hope it is useful..

– Shiv


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