Re-Deployment Tip

Posted: August 19, 2011  |  Categories: Deployment Uncategorized

We may be feeling bored and losing time whenever we do a small change and want to re-deploy the application to see the output, particularly in case of large applications. Here is a tip to save the re-deployment time.

Your application should be deployed initially. Then if we go ahead and do any small code fixes and want to see the output, you have to build and deploy it again. The deployment will take time which depends on the size and no. of references to the project. It’s disgusting to happen for every small change.


The smart way to do this is just build the changed project. Now open the admin console and go the application where the project is deployed. Open the application and right click on Resources folder. Click Add -> Biztalk Assemblies.

The below dialogue box should open.

Click the Add button. Go to the bin folder where the latest dll is available and select it. The screen will look like below.

It is advisable to select all the check boxes shown as checked in the above screen. You will be surprised to know that you are done with the deployment when you press the OK button.

Now restart the host instances to see the changes.


Now, I will say one more pretty small step to do the deployment instead of the above process.

After you build the project, go ahead and GAC the latest dll. That’s it. You are done.

(Don’t forget to restart the host instances)

No more waiting time for deployment. Cheers!

Note: Sometimes when you have any suspended instances of the dll you want to redeploy, the new changes may not take place. So terminate the suspended instances and then do any of these 2 steps mentioned above.


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