First Check in Deployment – For Beginners

Posted: January 18, 2011  |  Categories: Deployment Uncategorized

A must to do check, before deploying an application – is to check in which server you are deploying.

This can be found in the Project Properties -> Deployment Tab -> Server.

By default it should point to your server.

But incase if you copy the project from some other machine and open in your’s it will continue to show up the old machine name. If you now try to deploy without changing the Server name, it tries to deploy in the old machine and not in yours.

Hence, check, in which server you are deploying before you start to do so.

Else, Change the Server name to “.” (period). This will then always deploy in the local machine, where you open the solution irrespective of from where you copy that.

– Shiv


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