How to find the Number of Persistence points used in the BizTalk Application?

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Definition of Persistence points and its use can be found every where by googling.

But, how do we measure, the number of persistence points in our application?

It can be done through the Persistence Points Performance Counter in BizTalk Server.

To find this, Click Start -> Search for performance.

Soon you will find “Reliability & Performance Monitor

Alternatively you can find this in Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Reliability & Performance Monitor

Open the Performance Monitor and Click on the + Sign. Or right Click & Select Add Counter.

This will open Add Counter Window.

Expand XLANG/s Orchestrations and select Persistence Points.

Finally select your host for which you want to track your Persistence points and Click Add.

Now, run your orchestration and you should be able to see the counter goes up, based on the number of persistence points your application use.

This counter will basically show  you, how many persistance points that the host has created since its previous restart. (Once host instance is restarted, this counter is set to zero)

Incase if you want to reset your Counter, just restart the host instance.
Hope it is helpful.

– Shiv

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