Error: Unable to install the assembly into the Global Assembly Cache – BizTalk Deployment

Posted: November 1, 2010  |  Categories: Deployment Uncategorized

Sometimes while deploying the assembly to Admin Console you may get the below error.

Change requests failed for some resources. BizTalkAssemblyResourceManager failed to complete end type change request. Unable to install the assembly into the Global Assembly Cache.

Exception: A file load exception occurred while attempting to install the assembly into the Global Assembly Cache. This error may occur if the assembly is delay signed, or if assembly was renamed after creating/signing

The below steps resolved the error for me.

1. Remove the temporary files from your PC. (Just go to Run -> type %temp% and delete all the temporary files. Note: Do not delete any directories. Else you will end up with a different error.)

2. Uninstall the previous / current versions of that dll from GAC and redeploy. (While uninstalling the assembly, if you get any error “Cannot Uninstall as it is being used by another process”, then stop the host instance, close all applications and try again. If you still cant delete the dll, restart the PC. :-()

3. Check if the project is using any reference path that does not exist. ( For this, go to project properties -> Select Reference Paths -> Delete any References that doesn’t Exist)

These steps help you in resolving the error.

– Shiv

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